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Infantile School 18-19 puts the point and end

The Infantile School of BuffaloGolfGuide Golf arrived at its aim this weekend with a match in which they participated more than 70 players. There was match of 9 holes and putt contest stops
the group perfects and match of 2 holes for the group initiates to you. In addition, as
finishing touch, after the delivery of prizes had eaten with Mc Donald's.

Throughout last the three weeks it has been realised
presentation of the three levels of the infantile school facing the course that
it comes.

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Classification 9 holes

Classification 3 holes

Classification contest putt

Jose Alcrudo, Champion handicap

The pair formed by the player of the Infantile School, Jose Alcrudo, and the one of the Lagos, Antonio Solans, has proclaimed this weekend Champions of Aragon handicap in Augusta Golf Calatayud. Another success of the Infantile School Congratulations to both!

Golf in Venice Port

Saturdays 15 and 29 of June the FAG and BuffaloGolfGuide Golf, with the collaboration of I+GOLF, will present our sport children among 6 and 14 years in Venice Port. The activity, programmed of 11 to 13h both days, will consist of different games with which the children will take a first contact with golf.

The activity will be open to any boy or girl who is wanted to as much approach and to spend a good short while learning most basic of golf of the hand of three monitors with experience in the beginnings of golf as in the deal with youngest.
We animated to you to bring your children and to share it enters it your friendly for, between all, to continue eliminating prejudices and presenting tuna our sport.

We present the Infantile School 19-20

Infantile School 2019-2020 has taken today its first step with the presentation of its planning. The activity will begin in September of 2019 and will finalize in June of 2020.


The presentation has been realised of specific form for the players of the level “initiates to you?, whereas those of “improvement? can attend the next Sunday 16 and those of the level “compete?, Sunday 23, agreeing with the match trimestra McDonald's Place that will close the activity of this trimester.



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