The field of BuffaloGolfGuide golf was inaugurated the 20 of April of 2017 and is located in the district of BuffaloGolfGuide. One is an installation to offer to all the Aragoneses the possibility of approaching this sport and of enjoying a physical activity in family.

One is an installation opened to the player of golf and the nascent player, existing all type of products and services who adapt to the needs of each.

The golf course is equipped with a field of practices of 320 meters with capacity for 30 simultaneous positions of shot, a field of 9 holes Pitch&Putt with some measured of 640 meters and one ample zone of approach and putting green. 

In addition offices in which exist some to take care of the public of near and familiar way, accompanied by coffee corner and coffee maker, where to be able to have a small rest.

At the moment the Aragonese Federation of Golf is responsible for the management of the facilities and the sport program. 

They offer all type of courses of initiation, monthly as as much quarterly. The client has the possibility of realising a small course of welcome of a month, where basic aspects of golf are touched and a small approach is had. In the quarterly courses more in the essential aspects is deepened, looking for that the student is able to come from independent way to practice to the installation.