It plans your time and it enjoys to the maximum

    You want to improve some aspect of your game?

    The service I SCORE is a program of flat fee of classes by which, by a unique price to the month, you will be able to improve your putt, your short game, your drive… You can register of form online to a daily class, up to three to the week, reserving by telephone or directly in the installation. The groups are of a maximum of four people reason why, if you have not scored in advance but the group has not completed itself, you can register of actual form. The classes last of 50 minutes and you can be terminated at any time of discharge or in the service of the year. The price does not include the balls of practices nor the wood rent.

    In addition, if you become subscriber, you obtain discount in the total price of abonado+me I aim

    Tariffs 2019


                                                                                                              It plans your time and it enjoys to the maximum


    The schedules can vary based on demand. It consults the area of client or in reception 876 66 20 20